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Organic Search Engine Optimization & High Ranking

Some of the best ways to help your website get to the top and stay at the top of a Search Engine page is to:

  • Use rich keywords that are associated with your website. Example: If you are selling necklaces make sure you use the term necklace four percent of the page you are writing on. This would be about five to seven times a typed page. Use the word necklace in the title of your blog on your website, once or twice in the first paragraph, a few times throughout the body of the blog and once in the summary of your page on your product. This will increase traffic to your page helping you to make more product sales. It is important that you do not use keywords too many times as this will penalize your website and create a lower ranking.
  • Share your URL all over the Web. You can do this by posting comments on blogs, forums, articles, etc. The more people click on your link, the more important you become to top Search Engines such as, Yahoo! and Google. Please do not post spam as this will only upset Internet users and most likely they will not click on your link. Many people are cautious of links containing viruses.
  • Update your blog and website often. This will keep people interested and add more rich keywords onto your website.
  • Add Meta Tags and title tags to your website. This will help the Search Engine read and understand what each page pertains to.
  • Use other websites to link to your website to utilize maximum organic search engine optimization.
  • Use a sitemap. A sitemap will organize and list links to all of your pages on your website on one easy page.

Organic Search Engine Optimization or Paid Search Engine Optimization Studies have shown that Internet users prefer to use organic search engine optimization versus paid search engine optimization. This is good news for you as you will save money in the long run. Summary Use organic search engine optimization to successfully achieve high rankings in popular Search Engines creating more sales for you.

Greg Garner is the owner of Concept Builder specializes in guaranteed SEO results through the use of organic, white hat techniques that utilize: article submissions, Squidoo Lens, Hubpages and many more search engine optimization techniques.

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