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Search Engine Optimisation For PDF Documents

Search engines have become increasingly efficient at indexing different types of documents. Google, for example can index 12 types of documents, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, RTF and Adobe PDF documents. Many other search engines can index PDF documents as well. PDF stands for portable document format, which is universal file format that preserves fonts, colors, graphic images and formatting of any source document.

Many website owners like to create marketing brochures, media kits, and how-to manuals in PDF format and make them available on the web. Many website owners like to have PDF documents on their web sites because they want to preserve the exact and look and feel of a printed piece.
For example, let's say you would like your online brochure text display in the type face Avant Garde typeface. In order for the online brochure to actually appear in this typeface, your site's visitors must have the Avant Garde typeface installed on their computers. If your visitors do not have this font installed, your online brochure will look completely different than what you intended.

Therefore, many online brochures are formatted as PDF documents. PDF documents can achieve top search engine visibility when formatted correctly. In fact, some top search engine results are PDF documents. To make your PDF document search engine friendly, the documents must contain actual text, not a picture of text.
One way to determine if a PDF document contains text the search engines can index is to check the Documents Properties dialog box. If no fonts are displayed an the Document Properties dialog box, the PDF document doesn't contain any text.

To check for fonts in your PDF files, follow these steps:

1. Open PDF document in Abode Acrobat

2. Select File > Document Properties > Fonts. The Document Fonts dialog box should appear. If any fonts appear in this dialog box, the PDF document contains text the search engine can index

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